Nimise Boutique

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Mackenzie 😊🌊

Mackenzie / Smiling Water nindizhinikaaz (my name is). I’m the maker behind Nimise Boutique. I am a registered member of the Georgian Bay Métis community (region 7). I also have ancestral ties to Ireland, England and France.

Indigenous Beading

I bead for many reasons. First and foremost, it brings me joy and is a way that I can express my relationship to the Earth and my cultural identity. Beading is also a way I can help others feel beautiful, cared for and loved. It gives me a platform to support the beings and issues I care about.

Nimise Boutique

Nimise means sister in the Anishinaabe language – I started this business with the hope of decorating all of my sisters in life, including two-spirit, non-binary and trans sisters too. You are all beautiful and deserve to be adorned uniquely and with pride. I hand harvest the porcupine quills you see in my work and try to purchase most of my materials from small Indigenous business owners 👍 I also love trading with other artists as a way of expressing ancestral Indigenous economies 💗

Miigwech (thank you) for following me and supporting my craft xo